She is waiting for Me to come home with her Supper..

Where is he ??  Where is he?  Where is he ??

Ok, i'm home now going to prepare in our kitchen here Chompers Special Thanksgiving meal !!

 I smell something !!  Is it ready yet ??   Is it ready yet??

Steaks and Liver cooked Medium..

Cooking some rice togo with it !! Rinsed twice to get rid of excess starch ofcourse , And no salt or butter but cooked in No sodium chicken broth .(Pardon the filthy microwave).

A squeeze of Fish oil  and baby corn for her vegetable !

A very small dash of Low sodium Soy sauce and lemon juice with a very small amount of Garlic for her flavoring !

Then i Stir fried it in the wok on low for 20 minutes , combining all the flavors for her tasteful enjoyment !

Gary gave her a sample after it cooled before her proper meal of it , it was a HIT to say the least !!

And now She has enjoyed thoroughly her Thanksgiving meal  and i enjoyed more so pleasing her in creating a dish from the heart with LOVE .. The rest she can have tomorrow and the day after.  Its Tupperware in the fridge time !!!


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