**One of the Links i'd like to share with you all now is:

The owner of this company is Marc and if you are in the Greater Tulsa area, Please stop by his web site and contact him to order some of his premium pet foods.. We have bought the "Canidae dog food "  both canned and Dry from Marc for Chompers and we have nothing but Wonderful things about  it, so we are very excited  to have this become Chompers primary food source and you must know that Marc is Such an informative , professional gentleman , i cant  say enough wondeful  things about him and his company ( he delivered right to my door my products i ordered on a Saturday mind you ... WOW, if that isn't customer service , then what is..  ) Plus he was so generous to give Us a free  bag of canidae Biscuits to try .. I'm just so happy !!   Plus  he carries a complete  line of Ukanuba and Iams  as well as others .. His tel # is 918-249-2944.  if you care about your dog or cat, get in touch with him and you'll be happy you did, i know i am.. 

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